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All over the United States, there are parents with children who have no form of health insurance wondering how they're going to afford their children's medications and doctor's visits, let alone their own. There are elderly people denied Medicare claims who have to live off of dog or cat food or scavenge in other ways to feed themselves in order to afford their healthcare. There are cancer patients paying thousands of dollars a month for their medicines that are absolutely crucial to their survival. Imagine it being someone you know, imagine it being someone you love, imagine not being able to do anything to help them and imagine your government not doing anything to help them.

This is not about conservatism or liberalism. This is absolutely not democracy versus communism. This is not about Democrats or Republicans. This is humanism. This is doing what's right for your fellow man. This is being a kind, caring, compassionate person and not leaving millions of fellow Americans to live not only in poverty, but to not even be able to afford to provide for themselves or their children proper healthcare. No one should have to die because they can't afford to live. We're a better society than that, or I've always believed that we were.

We cannot expect to improve the lives of people in other countries, which I so desperately hope to do one day, if we can't improve our own standard of living. It just isn't feasible. How can we support places like Darfur and Tibet if we can't even support our own impoverished masses?

I'm not trying to go back on all my numerous statements of absolutely despising a lot of people, because I do. I have problems connecting with others and I have a lot of problems overlooking a lot of things that people do, but I don't believe anyone should die because they can't afford healthcare.

If any one of you agrees with what I've said above, have any ounce of compassion in your body, if you don't even have healthcare like myself, then I'm begging you to go here and support our president's reform plan. It takes a minute or less of your time and it does matter. Our government is built up on the power of the voices of the people and it only fails when the people's voices aren't loud enough. Be heard.


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